Monday Morning Motivation

“Whether you are running on a treadmill or doing a set of push-ups, get to the point where you are so tired and in pain that your mind is begging you to stop.

Then push just 5 to 10 percent further.”

David Goggins: Can’t Hurt Me

mind your head signage

Recently I attempted my 3rd half marathon. So anxious to achieve my goal of completing one of these races in less than 2 hours, I had trained all summer. There were days when I didn’t feel like getting to the gym or hitting the trail for a long run, but fortunately I set up routines for myself that were hard to disrupt.

Never-the-less, my mind continued to get in my way:

“You’ll never finish in less than 2 hours, what were you thinking?”

“You have to take four minutes off your best time! Twenty seconds per mile is a lot to overcome.”

“Another year older means you are another minute slower.”

And there were days when my mind cooperated, when I felt the elusive runners high and just knew I was making great progress. Or, when I knew I could have performed better, and I thought about what I ate the day before, if I was sufficiently hydrated or if my shoes needed to be replaced.

The mind… such a small part of our body has such incredible power. It can be the power that helps us overcome incredible obstacles or be the only barrier to success.

Perhaps you noticed I said attempted, not finished, that 3rd half marathon! About mile 4, my ankle was really hurting. My mind was trying to tell me to keep going, I had trained so hard!

I was running with my daughter who was home for fall break and I didn’t want to let her down.

I was running for all the friends who had been cheering me on and encouraging me throughout my training.

I was running for my ego, who chooses not to believe that I am invincible, not getting older.

Well, really it started to hurt at mile 1 but I kept true to David Goggins advice and pushed further. But by mile 4, my body weighed in louder and my mind had to listen and change its tune. Thankfully I listened to my body and my mind; I am now nursing a lateral tare in my anterior tibialis tendon!

So do mind your head… Is it holding you back or pushing you forward? Often, it is more to blame than your body for you not being your best self. Push yourself, you’ll be better if you do.

And don’t torture yourself!  If it really, really hurts, listen to the pain and do something to make it go away!


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