Monday Morning Motivation

“That’s one of the things books do. They help us talk.

But they also give us something we all can talk about when we don’t want to talk about ourselves.”

Will Schwalbe: The End of Your Life Book Club

I picked up this book when I was thinking of joining a book club in my neighborhood. I love books so much and was concerned that the neighborhood club would be focused more on neighborhood gossip rather than the merits of the book we had all read.

In this book, Will Schwalbe writes about the time he spent with his mother while she was undergoing chemotherapy. Together mother and son spent her last months discussing life through the words of books they both had read. What an incredible gift they gave to each other.

My neighborhood book club did turn out to be more neighborhood gossip than reflections on the book, but it is mostly good gossip focused on family updates or news of a friend we haven’t seen in a while. I’ve found comradery with this group of women through our shared love of reading.

Have you read or done something today that helps you become a better version of yourself?

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