Monday Morning Motivation

“Why is it that we understand playing the cello will require work, but we attribute writing to the magic of inspiration?”

― Ann Patchett

Ann Patchett is my absolute favorite fiction writer!!!

I have read some of her non-fiction work as well and she has inspired me to keep going in this new venture of writing.

This quote reminded me of my decision to learn how to play the piano and acceptance that I would not be able to play a Chopin or Beethoven piece for quite a while. But sooner or later, with enought practice and good intent, I will get there.

So thank you dear reader for sticking with me. (And please pass on your feedback, I need to hear it.)

Ann has this fantastic little bookstore in Nashville that I encourage you to visit if you are ever in town for the weekend. She also has a “First Editions” Book Club where she sends you a book curated by her staff and signed by the author. I have read quite a bit of wonderful and eclectic stuff I would have never picked out on my own.

Ann’s Book Store

My favorite books written by Ann. I’ve linked you to her store, you can always buy on Amazon but if you buy from Ann, she sends a signed copy:

Bel Canto

State of Wonder

P.S. Please frequent small privately owned book stores – we simply have to keep these gems open!

But, if Amazon is what you need to do in order to read – then by all means buy from Amazon, I do all the time. Or check out your library, use Libby or OverDrive app for e-books and audio books.

But for sure, PLEASE READ!

I read a disturbing report that over 29% or Americans had not read a book in the year 2018. “Disturbing” does not even begin to describe what can happen to a society that does not read.

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