Monday Morning Motivation

“Every failure is a blessing in disguise providing it teaches some needed lesson one could not have learned without it. Most so called failures are only temporary defeats.”

Napolian Hill

I had never heard of Napolian Hill until he was mentioned in Big Magic: Creative Living without Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. So, I picked up one of his books – The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons written in 1928.

This 550 page tome is strangely appealing. I am learning something new even though the lessons are not.

Have you read it? What is your opinion?

And how are you becoming the best version of yourself today?

P.S. For those of you who follow my blog on Services Procurement, I’m taking a bit of a break in posing in order to complete my book. I learned something else from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic – when you have an idea for a book, grab it and focus on it and bring it to life! So, sorry I have gone dark… I’m trying to become the best version of myself by getting this book completed by June!

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