Sunday Inspiration

Sunday Inspiration

I enjoy the occasional personal post in a blog – making a personal connection to the writer I am following makes the professional connection even more significant. So, on Sunday’s, I will shift my focus away from the professional angle of my blog and write about other things that interest or inspire me.

I am training for a half marathon race in Cincinnati called the “Queen Bee”.  It is a race focused solely on women – so the bling is mostly pink and P&G has provided a ton of great beauty product samples.  The race is in October and today I finished week 6 of my 12-week training program, running an 8 mile ‘long run’ which included several significant inclines.  I was pretty proud of myself at the finish.  It was a hot morning but I completed the distance with room in my lungs to spare and, now several hours later, I am still awake and able to move!

I ran the Queen Bee Half, my first half marathon, 2 years ago with my daughter, Kateri. Kateri was a Cross Country runner in High School and it was during this time that I developed a love for the sport. On race days, I enjoyed running to various spots along the course where I could cheer her on.


I was inspired by her perseverance and courage – she had several setbacks during her High School running experience.  Despite stress fractures in her foot and shins and iron deficiencies, she made tremendous progress.  These challenges were both physical and emotional – she loved her coaches and her running mates and often felt that she was letting them down when she wasn’t able to run at her peak – or run at all – not to mention the fact that she was missing all the fun!  She was chosen to be the Team Captain her senior year because of this love for team and sport and her drive to achieve despite setbacks. Kateri is studying abroad this semester and is training for her first full marathon at the site of the first marathon in Marathon Greece!

While I was running this morning, I thought about how much my body had improved over the past 6 weeks.  I am using the Peleton Ap and find it a huge help to have a personal coach in my ear while pushing myself to do better and better.  Hard work, perseverance and a bit of coaching make a world of difference when you are trying to hit that milestone, achieve that goal or accomplish anything of significance don’t you think?


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